Thursday, February 16, 2012


While I was out sick yesterday I decided to pick up a book and start drawing. It was the first time using my new handmade journal. The thick, fiberous, handmade paper is really awesome but it's so soft that it won't take much erasing to wear a hole in it. I made a few sketches with colored pencil. It was really nice and relaxing to take some time to just draw.

Here are a few of the doodles I made yesterday.

I'm not sure if the meditative drawing session helped but I'm feeling much better today :)
This last drawing is my favorite-- I love drawing cartoony portraits of my sweetie (any boy with a mole is obviousy supposed to be him). If I get some spare time I'll probably turn my drawings into watercolor paintings!


  1. so sweet (^_^) i love the handmade paper.. the texture is beautiful! x

    1. Thank you! The paper is really neat. It's very thick and soft. I think that it would be good for watercolors too :)