Sunday, August 7, 2011

I heart repurposing!

I just finished making this shaggy pillow for my mom. It's made out of shirts I had to wear as part of my uniform for a sales job I had my Senior year of college.

It was super easy and quick to make.  I found the tutorial on craftgawker a couple of weeks ago -- here is a link to the tutorial below. You don't have to use old t-shirts to make it but it's much cheaper and more green that way :) I even stuffed the left over snippings from the shirts inside my pillow along with polyfil I had lying around.

**Check out the Pillow Tutorial from V and Co

The repurposing project that I am most excited about is my teacup planter idea! I picked up some teacups (and one gravy boat) at my local thrift and repotted some houseplants into them. I thought it would add a cheery bit of color and fun to my classroom's windowsill.

Here is a pic of me and Lars (my wiener dog) hanging out on the patio after repotting. (BTW, this patio furniture is repurposed too-- it used to be a dingy white abomination in my mom's back yard until I spruced it up with some spray paint and took it home with me).

Here are some close up shots in my classroom

 I found a great tutorial for labels for my planters-- these sweet spoon plant makers. I ordered some metal stamps and I should get around to these next week.

From Shrimp Salad Circus

I'm loving my teacups--  and what will I use to water them with? A teapot of course (also from the thrift)

The total cost of this project has been about $12 including the plants. Lots of plants will be on sale this time of year due to the lateness in the season but despite that these house plants can thrive year round with proper sunlight and water.

What are you doing to save money and resources these days? Share your projects :)

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